Vol. 2 Print Issue

The 2014 print issue embodies an expression of time and space. From beginning of the journal, each page employs atmospheric and, at times, abstract photography of the sky taken at different times of the day. Text has been placed within various objects specifically chosen to interact with light. These objects include water, glass, blinds, wrinkled paper, and windows. The sequence of time is reflected in the progression of the journal, beginning with morning light and moving to night. Experimentation with space is conveyed through the different voices of the authors included in this issue. The issue’s spine is unorthodox, creating unexpected vertical and horizontal movement in the reading experience. The physicality of the object forces the reader to acknowledge its presence. The life of this interactivity becomes an individual journey of pages unwilling to be turned passively. The space in this issue challenges readers to take in more than merely text and image but also a full-body experience of holding and disorientation.


Highlighted poet pages:



Type studies:

TAB 2 Type

I hand trimmed, folded and tab-punched 700 press sheets. 8-10 students hand-glued 8-pages per book using a rough total of 117,000 inches of double-sided tape.

Tab2 tabs