A Body is a Space That Sees

“A Body is a Space That Sees” is an Exhibition Catalog for Los Angeles artist, Lia Halloran.  This work “is a series of large-scale cyanotype works that source the history and discoveries of a group of women known as “Pickering’s Harem,” or later the “Harvard Computers,” who worked at the Harvard Observatory starting in the late 1800s through the first half of the 20th century”.—Luis De Jesus Los Angeles
Contents include: (5) 16×16 2-sided posters, accordion foldout with the original women known as “Pickering’s Harem,” and a 60-page catalog of Lia’s work. Special editions also include an original print from Lia Halloran.

See more here: http://www.liahalloran.com/your-body-is-a-space-that-sees

Catalog finished size is 9×9 and includes foil printing on cloth and metallic and hand crafted production The catalog will be available at Norton Simon Museum and LACMA  (2019). 


Details of drawings provided in the interior of the catalog referenced from Harvard’s Observatory buildings and archives.