University of Reading (UK) Whiteknights Building

In collaboration with Gill Harvey and the Department of Graphic Communication and Typography, we developed wayfinding graphics for Whiteknights Hall, a building located on the University of Reading campus dedicated to Student Services. We conducted extensive research, interviews, user testing and benchmarking activities to solve wayfinding problems and design for people living with visual impairment and physical disabilities.

Initial building assessment

Whiteknights D Whiteknights C

Initial wayfinding and signage drafts.

Whiteknights E Whiteknights I Whiteknights H Whiteknights G Whiteknights F

Whiteknights J

Prototypes for sizing and positioning.

Whiteknights B

Whiteknights A

Final work.

Whiteknights 1 Whiteknights 2

Whiteknights 3